Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Sense Ritchie is More Corrupt than Blago

The Mainstream Media is ablaze with the probable corruption of Governor Blago of Illinois. The MSM and Conservatives should be ablaze of ACORN allied and George Soros inspired Secretary of State of Minnesota and the powers that be among the election board stealing the election from incumbent Senator Norm Coleman.

Al Franken cadres have been mysteriously locating missing votes and demanding duplicate votes be counted.

And what do you think has happened as a result?
Franken has taken a 250 plus lead in the recount. The evil in this recount is obvious when Coleman won the election on November 4th with 700 plus votes.

Does no one else see the hypocrisy of the Dems and Franken when they accused GW of stealing the election in 2000 via the courts (legal measures)? Franken is currently winning the Minnesota seat for Senator via extra-legal means; i.e. CORRUPTION.

JRH 12/20/08

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