Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Israel Defends itself – The Anti-Semitic World Disdains Isrel Self-Defense

After years of not responding to missile attacks from Hamastan (Gaza) Israel has finally embarked on what any other nation would do – DEFEND ITSELF.

I heard a great analogy by Benjamin Netanyahu on Fox News this morning. I’m afraid the best I can do is paraphrase the analogy from memory so if you heard the same thing rest assured my interpretation of Netanyahu’s analogy is at least close to the original.

First of all let me say this. Netanyahu was incredibly placed in a position in which he had to defend the Israeli attacks on Muslim Arabs that have the sole desire only to destroy the Land of Israel.

Eventually Netanyahu gave this analogy to the Fox News interviewer concerning Israel’s increasingly upgrade of the intensity of self-defense.

Netanyahu eventually added something like this:

    Having Hamas directly south of Israel shooting missiles at Israeli civilian is like America tolerating a hostile al-Qaeda camp just outside of New York City.

America would Ruby Ridge that al-Qaeda camp if it existed outside of New York City. Although I suspect survivalists would join whatever American authority in blasting radical Muslims off of American soil.

I came across a post from
Publius’ Forum that shares my shared mystification that the Times Online is more concerned about Obama’s Foreign Policy goals affected by Israel protecting itself from the murdering Muslim Hamastanis.

The Times should be reporting that even as Israel is coming down harshly for Hamas missiles being launched on the Land, Hamas is continuing to launch missile at population centers and NOT Israeli military targets.

JRH 12/30/08

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