Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Demise of democracy? of the nation state?

Here is a WOW piece of writing especially if you are endued with the patience of reading a lengthy essay in a sort of an e. e. cummings format (i.e. the entire is in written in small text rather than grammatical capitalization).

The author begins with a historical perspective working toward the goal of explaining Marxism (and its various Left offshoots) have eroded typical Western and American values. Also the author included Islamic Jihadism as a danger to Western Society for all the Slanted Left Marxist derivatives enable radical Islam by both acting as a social apologist and setting the West up for the intrusion of Islamic values (e.g. Sharia Law) to move into the values vacuum created by the Left.

The Demise of democracy? of the nation state? – Is truly an awesome read. Educate yourself for the sake of your families’ future.

JRH 2/15/09

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