Friday, February 06, 2009

Right Wing Politics Messing up Netanyahu

I have been praying that Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party is the winner of Israel’s Parliamentary elections on February 10. The reason being Netanyahu as Prime Minister would slow down the land for peace delusion and maybe even prevent it.

Netanyahu’s reasoning might be different than mine.

Netanyahu is a man that place’s a premium on Israeli National Security as a path to continued Israeli existence. He understands that the Fatah and Hamas Islamic terrorists of the Palestinian Authority are untrustworthy due to ideology or corruption or both. It’s like dealing with the devil for peace and tranquility: old slew foot will promise the world, riches and protection then give you death and destruction. A Netanyahu victory on February 10 will more than likely throw a huge monkey wrench in America’s and Europe’s push for a Two-State solution between Israel and the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians.

My reasoning is a bit more radical and unacceptable even across the Left/Right spectrum of American politics and incredulously Slanted Left Jews of America and Israel.

My reasoning goes like this: God gave the
Promised Land to the Hebrews (present day Jews) as the foundation to eventually re-unite the globe of humanity with its Creator. Orthodox or Observant Jews probably have a Judaic view how this will happen; however the New Testament Jesus quoted view of the Promised Land is Salvation is of the Jews. For me that means all that is promised to the Jews culminates in the Son of Man who is also the Son of God – Jesus Christ the imprint of the image of God in human form. Jerusalem will be the Messiah’s Capitol City (that is agreed upon both in Judaism and Christianity, it is the ‘who’ that is disagreed upon). The Messiah will bring harmony to humanity and humanity will have an experiential knowledge of God Almighty through the Messiah (in my case the Christ).

My reasoning prohibits those that deny the coming of the Messiah promised in the Old Testament (again, for me which culminates in the New Testament) from possessing the Land promised to the Jews.

Is Netanyahu on board with my reasoning? I suspect that is extremely doubtful; nonetheless the path leads the same way as long as Netanyahu resists Western dhimmitude and rejects Muslims who have the sole goal of destroying Jews from the Land of Israel.

Now here is the bad news for Benjamin Netanyahu. The polls have long had Likud ahead of the current ruling government of Kadima (the give the Land away crowd). As February 10 is approaching
Tzipi Livni’s Kadima has narrowed the margin in large part to a growing popularity of a man further to the Right than Netanyahu - Avigdor Lieberman.

Israeli voters are becoming attracted to Lieberman’s right wing views, votes are straying from Netanyahu. As the votes stray from Netanyahu, Livni’s Kadima Party gains strength to the incredulous possibility of retaining the majority to form a government under Tzipi Livni.

This is not good in my opinion.

Netanyahu apparently does not like a possible association to Lieberman for he fears the Israeli votes will view him as to far to the Right and thus lose votes. I believe if Netanyahu re-thinks that strategy and extend an arm of joint government to Lieberman, Likud and
Yisrael Beiteinu (Israel is Our Home) Party could effectively remove the Kadima/Labor bloc in the Knesset making it even easier to show Israel’s determination to NOT be wiped off the map by Islamic radicals.

JRH 2/6/09

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