Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama learns the Bush Lesson

Well it looks like President Obama has learned from one of President Bush’s mistakes. BHO is appointing (political rumor mill – not official) Charles Freeman Jr. as the Chairman of the National Intelligence Council (NIC). The NIC is the group of spooks responsible for writing a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) to allegedly provide an unbiased report on the collected data of America’s Intelligence agencies.

The mistake President Bush made is that he failed to appoint Intelligence leadership that was inline with the Bush Agenda; thus
a hostile Intelligence community often leaked classified information to the press meant to embarrass the President or stall a Presidential strategy.

BHO choice of Charles Freeman Jr. is a choice for President Obama’s world view a Foreign Affairs agenda.

According to Gabriel Schoenfeld, Freeman is completely pro-Arab and pro-Palestinian. You know the guys that are so anti-Semitic that Middle Eastern Public Media and Schools actually propagandize racial hatred toward Jews.

Also according to Schoenfeld, Freeman is completely in the tank as a Sinophile. For example Freeman has openly been an apologist for the Communist Chinese massacre of Tiananmen Square protesters for democratic reforms in China.

The lesson that President Obama has learned is that if you have an agenda make sure you have like-minded leadership in the government bureaucracies to move the Administration forward with the least resistance.

Expect to read or hear Obama Administration news demonizing Israel’s decisions at self-preservation as oppression to the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians.

Expect to read or hear Obama Administration news that China is not as great a human rights violator as perceived and the Chinese government’s efforts to literally persecute Chinese Christians with intimidation, violence and torture to be China’s business and the business of the Obama Administration that claims torture will not be practiced by Americans. Hello! What Obama has labeled torture of the last seven and half years by America’s military or Intelligence is laughable compared to the REAL torture the Chinese government does to its own citizens to mold thought and ideology of the Chinese Communist nation.

The hypocrite BHO is merely doing the very things he vilified Bush with except BHO is utilizing Leftist obfuscation to attain a Leftist and Secular Humanist American transformation.
BHO is using a crisis in which he and (then) fellow Senators actually laid the foundation. Bush’s complicity in America’s financial crisis is in not publicly battling fringe Democrats about coercing banks to allow poor people to accept bad paper loans.

BHO is the man that American centrists joined Leftists to place in the Office of President merely because the
Dems ingeniously made the War on Terrorism unpopular and placing the blame of bad decisions squarely on President Bush.

The only bad decision Bush made was caving into
Arab-loving U.S. bureaucrats who felt battling Islamic terrorists was to great a risk to alienate Islamic States (some monarchies and some dictatorships – NO DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICS. This forced Bush to scale back on his Bush Agenda (implanting Western style democracies and eliminating transnational Islamic terrorists). In effect this decision to dilute the Bush Agenda led to a failure to vigorously fight for victory in Iraq and Afghanistan for fear of the perceptions of the indigenous population. In fact the Iraq surge proved that a more aggressive agenda to hunt Islamic terrorists upped the confidence level of the indigenous population toward the American military. The confidence in turn caused an “Awakening” in which the general Islamic population began to NOT support the ugly neighborhood Islamic terrorists.

With the likes of Freeman heading up the NIC, it signifies the undoing the benefits of the Iraq Surge, a lack of support for the only real Western style democracy in the Middle East and a surge of Islamic terrorism sponsored Twelfth Imam crazed Muslims from Iran.

JRH 2/26/09

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