Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The War with Militant Islam is on:

The War with Militant Islam is on:
The West does not Know the War is on!

John R. Houk
© February 3, 2009

I think Ben Shapiro just became one of my favorite anti-jihad polemicists.

I just read a Shapiro essay entitled, “
ENOUGH OF RADICAL ISLAM.” He calls for the end of the mindset of the Global War on Terrorism, which frankly has been my mindset since September 11, 2001.

Shapiro has been good enough to give a better defined phrase for the conflict with America, American Ideals and Western Culture. That name is “militant Islam.”

It is the very defining phrase the West has been terrified to use for it is definitely NOT Politically Correct. The concept of the West at war with militant Islam rubs against the grain of the civil right of Freedom of Religion. Western Constitutional development is all about individuals able to practice their conscience whether it is secular or theological, whether it is theological or atheistic or simply no defined ideology other than Liberty.

To say the West is at war with Militant Islam is reminiscent of the West’s internecine religious wars over Christian theological viewpoints. To the Middle Eastern Mohammedans war against Militant Islam will be reminiscent of a Roman Catholic dominated Europe inspiring the Crusades. Today’s Islamic propaganda paints a picture of Christian Europe exacting blood lust on victimized Muslims. The medieval Catholic view for the Crusades was to ostensibly allow pilgrims to safely travel to the Holy Land yet more probably due to years and years of attacks by Mohammedans against Christian lands.

Western mindset has been brainwashed to accept the Crusades as a blood thirsty period in Christian history with the victims being Mohammedans. Of course that is a pure propaganda spin by self-loathing Western Leftists. Muslim Supremacists who cannot even conceive that Theo-political Islam is a perpetrator of propagation by the sword, the execution of blood thirst that makes the Crusaders look like novices in violence, the total denigration of non-Muslim kafir to subhuman treatment evoking humiliation and other heinous discomfiting acts of brutality.

When Western Culture surpassed Islamic culture in technology and Civil Rights, Islamic Culture became an isolated culture stuck in medieval past. The last bastion of Islamic supremacy was terminated at the end of WWI when superior Western technological weaponry and tactics virtually terminated the Turkish Ottoman Empire shrinking that nation’s imperialistic holding to a more defined Turkish land mass.

Unfortunately the secular minded Ataturk wished to emphasize Turkishness so much that the old Islamic methods of brutality was used to secure what is today modern Turkey.
The Greek population that was quite significant in Western Turkey was brutally forced out to the liberated Greece (formally under Islamic Ottoman brutality). Then there was the genocide of Armenians who were force marched to the east of Turkey. The Greeks and Armenians were Christians; however the was another group of people deemed not Turkish enough even though they were Muslims. That group is the Kurds who faced persecution from Ataturk’s Turkey and racist hate from Muslim Arabs and Muslim Iranians.

It is time to retire the Global War on Terror mindset and call this war for what it really is – this war is against Militant Islam. Militant Islam is merely following and acting out the writings in their holy books and the recorded examples of their Prophet Mohammed.

I for one do not wish to lose this war and centuries of Western Culture wiped away as the Muslims did to Christian Culture in the Middle East, Northern Africa, today’s Turkey and a significant portion of Eastern Europe.

And I am just writing about the war the West has with Militant Islam. Militant Islam has wiped away Buddhism from Afghanistan and slaughtered Hindi peoples in India.

Give up on what is Politically Correct and focus on the reality. As long as Middle Eastern Muslims have economic power they will acquire military power. Iran is currently deceiving the gullible that a nuclearization program is for peaceful purposes. HELLO! In what or if anything has the Mullocracy of Iran demonstrated peaceful inclinations. Nuclear weaponry is the end-game of an Iranian nuclear program.

Pakistan already has nuclear weapons. Thus far a rational Pakistan military has controlled the nuke arsenal; however Pakistan and its populace is becoming more and more radicalized into Militant Islam. There are elements within the Pakistan government (
particularly its spy services – ISI) here are sympathetic and cooperative with Militant Islamic terrorist transnational groups residing in Pakistan. The meaning of this is that a Sunni version of a Shi’ite Iranian revolution could possibly take over Pakistan.

The West must acknowledge what Militant Islamists already know – the clash of civilizations is on. That Militant Islamic knowledge combined with Western Political Correctness denial gives Militant Islam the upper hand.

JRH 1/3/09 (Hat Tip: Ben’s Blog)

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