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Dr. Wael Perpetuates Muslim Propaganda

John R. Houk
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Here is a comment from Dr. Wael a citizen of Egypt. I believe the comment is in reference to this post,
The CRC is another Step toward U.N. World Government.
Yet Dr. Wael could be complaining about many posts on I am not exactly Islamic friendly.

JRH 2/13/09

Dr. Wael
Sent to SlantRight: Thu 2/12/2009 9:47 PM
Dr. Wael’s website:
Arab Honor

you must be very close to the region or live in it

There is an Arab proverb says "our street is narrow and we know each other"
I hope you are talking to maybe.......? Europeans or to Americans but not to an Arab who live here in Egypt very close to Israel So let's be realistic and speak in a manner that we can keep a debate going OK?

And [sic] here are the things:

Bush would not appolgiz [sic] for the question of WMD in his last days in office and Colin powel [sic] won't resign.

When Al Qaeida leader confest [sic] of 911? and I assure you that such a tribman [sic] like Ben Laden would never even think about attacking America or Israel. we [sic] have in our country a lot of them.

2/3rd of Americans want Bush in court for his behaviour in (war against terror) and damage caused to the country Ok we we recognize [sic] Israel as country and it's people right to live in security but that doesnt [sic] mean to launch a propaganda against Arabs who are Muslims and Christians or against Muslims alone, Because even I am a christian but my culture is islamic and i am proud.


I am guessing Dr. Wael is implying that Christians, Jews and Muslims all live in harmony in the Arab Middle East under the wisdom of Islamic Culture.

Not that sounds a little hard to believe and it sounds like the kind of propaganda that Muslims would like the West and/or Christians in America to buy.

It is ridiculous!

First let’s put the harmony of religions submitting to a peace of an Islamic Culture.

    • Arab nations lied how they treated Jews prior to the establishment of the nation Israel in 1948 by saying the Jews living in harmony would be attacked and expelled if Israel was allowed to become a nation. The fact is all across the Muslim Middle East and Muslim North Africa (yep including Egypt and Syria) Jews were already being persecuted. After Israel became a nation in 1948 and whupped multiple invading Islamic nations then a comparable amount of Jews were expelled to the amount of Arabs that fled from Israel hoping invading Muslims would push Jews into the sea.

    • Dr. Wael identifies himself as a Christian Egyptian proud of Arab (which really means Islamic) culture. Let’s see: If Dr. Wael is an Egyptian and a Christian he would be Coptic. The Coptic Christians are actually what remains of the original Egyptian language derived from as far back as the days of the Pharaohs. The Coptic Christians of Egypt have had a better relationship with Muslims than other conquered Christians in the Middle East; however that has been an on again off again experience depending on which Muslim leader rules. Since the end of WWII Egyptian Muslims have been highly influenced by the Wahhabi form of Islam which dominates the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan). The Copts have been highly persecuted to the point of migration. Guess where the Coptic Christians migrate too? One hint: It is not to Saudi Arabia. O yes that would be the nation that has a tradition of the freedom of religion – the USA.

    That is just Egypt.
    Christians residing in nations dominated by Islam have constantly received the foot of humiliation and persecution. (See also HERE)

    Islam is not only harsh toward kafir, the Theo-Political religion is also harsh on its own adherents when the perception of violating social norms proscribed by Sharia. Islam is also harsh to its adherents for viewing one practice of Islam better than the other such as Sunni vs. Shia.

    Read Brigitte Gabriel’s book “Because they Hate”: This is an excellent example of a Christian Middle Easterner (Lebanon), whose faith was the dominant religion of Lebanon being persecuted into the minority.

There is no harmony among people in Islamic culture Dr. Wael.

Dr. Wael displays his ignorance of America when he says “2/3 of America want bush in court ...” He obviously equates low poll ratings with
the deluded ramblings of some fringe American Leftists who called for President Bush to be prosecuted.

If Dr. Wael is indeed a Christian while simultaneously proud of his Islamic culture (“my culture”), then Dr. Wael is obviously a real good dhimmi.

This is the long response. Dr. Wael visited the SlantRight sister blog at Slant Right blogger and made these comments:

Dr Wael said...

Why ? Why this hate and this revolt against Islam and Muslim?
Muslim do wars , Do terror ,Do 911
911 was just a lie just like Bush's weapon of mass distruction in Iraq
See my blog.
I am not a muslim but I live with them in Syria and Egypt
maybe muslim in the west differnt?

Here is my short version response there:

Theway2k said...

Dr. Wael Hmm ...

You are either the victim or a perpetuator of the delusions that come from rogue Syria or elements of Ihkwan [sic] in Egypt.

1. 911 was an al-Qaeda plan in which the actual planner Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

2. There are sources of information that differ from the Duelfer Report which probably has refused to acknowledge because of Political Correctness or the fear of causing a diplomatic incident.

*Russia in an Intelligence coup
moved WMD out of Iraq

*Former Iraqi Air Force General Georges Sada on Iraqi WMD.

*David Gaubatz ignored by Iraq Survey Group that was responsible for investigating the existence of Iraq WMD (Hmm ... Charles Duelfer was one of the lead ISG people ignoring Gaubatz).

JRH 2/13/09

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