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Early Christian Existence Returning

Academics and Western intelligencia are labeling the days we live in as a post-Christian era. The meaning conveyed is that the haven of Christendom no longer views itself as Christian. The implication is that the West is a secular society abandoning all aspects of the Christian faith. Indeed many in the West – particularly in Europe – view Christian morality and values as archaic and mythological to a viewed reality evolving humanistic thought which is egalitarian and tolerant of all lifestyles post-Christian society deems acceptable.

Because of this Christianity is back on the footing of the early Church prior to
Roman Emperor Constantine (circa 300’s A.D.). Indeed Academia has abandoned the Christian calendar of measuring time. A.D. (Anno Domini) has been renamed C.E. (Christian Era) and B.C. (Before Christ) is now B.C.E. (Before Christian Era). Anno Domini is Latin for the English “year of our Lord.” Thus you can understand why a Secular Humanist Christian rejecting Academia rejects the traditional measurement of time utilizing “A.D.”

In Europe this anti-Christian attitude is becoming ingrained into the minds of Europeans. The days of Christian persecution (thus far non-violent) have become a matter of practice in criminal and civil law in Europe. It is the nomenclature of society that if Christian faith offends it must be squelched even if it deprives a Christian Believer of Freedom of Speech. Thus Christian cannot preach Christian morality pertaining to homosexuality. Thus Christians cannot warn of the evils of the violent religion of Islam. Indeed European society has become so anti-Christian that it looks the other way when members of the Islamic religion preach violence against Jews, Christians and Western Society in general.

The irony of tolerating Islamic vitriol is that a significant amount of Muslims in Europe wish to have a double standard rule of law. This means one rule of law for indigenous and inherent Europeans and
Sharia Law for Muslims.

Sharia Law is the absolute opposite of even Secular Humanistic morality. Sharia Law calls for the snuffing out of homosexuals and retrograding civil rights of women.

For me that is incredulous! Christians are being prosecuted in Europe for standing for their Christian faith because it is particularly offensive to Muslims who view that Mohammed is the final authority of what faith should be. The very Secular Humanists that fear Christian Morality as a myth are validating Islam that is still living in a medieval mindset of violence as enforcement of belief. And Allah forbid a Christian or a Jew denigrates Islam in favor of an alternate faith. Honor for Allah must be maintained.

European government officials look the other way for this mindless Islamic attitude and prosecute people religious or non-religious that wish to maintain the culture of their heritage.

A classic example of this is the Dutch persecution of Geert Wilders for producing his movie “
Fitna.” Fitna is a movie short documentary utilizing imagery of present day Islamic influenced atrocities and matching them with Mohammedan scriptures of the Quran. Evidently exposing the truth is incitement and hate-speech according to the Dutch government and Muslims in general. Not to mention the so-called Religion of Peace has threatened Geert Wilders’ life for this truthful portrayal of Islam.

Christian Anti-Defamation Commission (CADC) provides other recent examples of persecution of Christians in Europe. The CADC warns that anti-Christian mentality is taking root in America. Christians in America can choose to sit on their laurels and await vilification or do something the American Left and Muslim-American organizations would fear; i.e. become active politically and socially in standing up for your Christian faith before it becomes illegal to do so.
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Coming to America!

Christian Anti-Defamation Commission
Tuesday, 03 February 2009 20:59

Coming to America! Silence of Christ’s Lambs

When trying to predict where America is going, often all you have to do is look across the pond at “post-Christian” Western Europe. America is typically a decade or two behind them on social issues, that is, unless we act now.

Stories are coming in from Europe of Christians being fired from their workplace or who are intimidated to be silent. If one dares to extend Christian concern or act in a way faithful to their religious convictions they will pay with their job.

Praying Nurse Disciplined
A nurse in Britain, Caroline Petrie, was suspended after she simply asked a patient if they would like prayer. The patient refused and later reported Petrie. The patient said that she was not offended by the offer, but she reported Nurse Petrie because she was afraid someone else might be offended. So Petrie has been ordered to attend disciplinary meetings because someone might be offended.

Previously Petrie was forced to stop giving out Christian prayer cards to patients who asked for them because the relative of a patient objected. As a result, Petrie had to take an equality and diversity course.

Petrie said, "My concern is for the person as a whole, not just their health. I was told not to force my faith on anyone but I could respond if patients themselves brought up the subject [of religion]."

Counselor Conflicted
Another Brit, Gary McFarlane, a counselor for Relate Avon Corporation, was dismissed from his job because he expressed concern over the possibility of having to give sexual advice to homosexual couples. MacFarlane never refused to counsel a same-sex couple. He only expressed concern at the possibility because of a conflict between his Christian faith and homosexuality.

McFarlane believed that it was due to his Christian faith that he was fired from Relate Avon. "If I were a Muslim, this would not have happened. But Christians seem to have fewer and fewer rights," McFarlane said.

A British employment tribunal has ruled in favor of a McFarlane, but said that “The claimant was not treated as he was because of his Christian faith, but because (the company) believed that he would not comply with its policies.”

Minister Muzzled
A minister and radio talk show host is taking legal action after he allegedly was fired for offending Muslims by defending Christianity on air.

Rev. Mahboob Masih, a minister in the Church of England, claims he was unfairly dismissed from his position of host of a radio program in Glasgow. The action taken against him, Rev. Masih claims, was a case of religious discrimination.

After a lively religious debate about a prominent Muslim, who, according to Rev. Masih, belittled Christ, the radio station management accused Rev. Masih of not being balanced enough on air.

Rev. Masih reluctantly made an on-air apology in an attempt to defuse the situation, but refused to comply with a request from a senior station official to deliver an apology in person at the Central Mosque in Glasgow. Now he is appealing to the decision to fire him to the labor board.

No Place for Faith at BBC
Another radio talk show host in England, Jeremy Vine, is a Christian and believes that Christ is who he says he is, but doesn’t think he could say it on his BBC show.

The Radio 2 host says society is becoming increasingly intolerant of Christian views. It has become “almost socially unacceptable to say you believe in God.”

Mr. Vine is a practicing Anglican, but does not discuss his faith on air. “One of the things that I think, which may sound bizarre, is that Christ is who he said he was,” he said. “I don’t think I’d put that out on my show; I suppose there’s a bit of a firewall between thinking that and doing the job I do.”

The BBC did a self audit in 2007 and determined that there is an institutional anti-Christian bias.

This is only a snap shot of what will come in America if we continue to allow our first amendment liberties to be undermined by hate crime legislation and stand idly by while Christian discrimination goes unopposed.

Sign our petition to stop American hate crimes legislation. Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee introduced a new hate crime legislation, The David Ray Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009, H.R. 256, which is direct opposition to our Constitution. She also submitted a new companion bill, The David Ray Ritcheson Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009, H.R. 262. These two bills directly threaten your freedom of speech and religion.

Click here to sign our petition now!

Early Christian Existence Returning
John R. Houk
© February 5, 2009

Coming to America!
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