Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wilders Prosecution a Threat to Liberty

Have you seen the movie short entitled Fitna? Well if you have not you should. The movie is an expression of Freedom of Speech put together by Geert Wilders.

The Netherlands justice system has decided to prosecute Wilders for this free speech because to criticize the ideology of Islam in a politically correct egalitarian society is a hate crime.

The irony is Wilders uses actual Quranic scriptures and matches them up with present day atrocities committed by Muslims who in reality are merely practicing what there Prophet Mohammed did by example.

Someone in the Dutch legal system has been talked into believing this is offensive to Islam.

So let us consider why this would be offensive to Muslims.

Are Muslims embarrassed about their Prophet who disseminated the word that became the Quran? That cannot be for then that would deny there faith.

Are Muslims offended because fellow Muslims deemed radical by the West are practicing the example of Mohammed by killing innocent men, women and children kafir (unbelievers) in an effort to strike fear and terror to convert Kafir to Islam or merely to kill kafir? If Muslims are offended by the murder of kafir a huge majority are not denouncing the terror.

Are Muslims offended because Fitna demonstrates Islam to be an archaic religion based on violent conquest that is evil by today’s standards? I am certain people who feel they have attained inner peace and fulfillment are extremely adverse to the concept their faith is violent; nonetheless to be a true follower of Islam is to believe the Prophet Mohammed and the Quran are infallible. That center piece of Mohammedan faith renders the practicing of peace Islam as a denial to the example of Mohammed and the Quran (not to mention the Hadith, the Sunna and so on).

Now let us consider why Secularists, atheists and people practicing a different religion other than Islam should be offended Islam.

Should kafir (unbelievers of Islam) be offended at Muslims who practice a faith that brings inner peace and fulfillment to their lives? That should ring a definite NO.

Should the kafir be offended about the way women are treated in Islam (believing and non-believing)? This is a definite YES. Islamic women at best are treated as inferior to their husbands or father. Islamic women at worst are treated as chattel or sex slaves diminishing their human rights and denigrating their humanity. It should be amazing to the kafir that a majority of Muslim women are in total acceptance of the Quranic position of women. They buy into the lie that the burka syndrome places women on a pedestal of purity and respect while being in denial of the position women lead in a Quranic-Sharia Law society.
Honor killings have been on the rise in Western societies because younger Muslim women are assimilating some of the ways of Western liberty.

Should the kafir be offended that
Sharia Law in general represents everything that is NOT Western Liberty and Civil Rights (especially in America).

Should the kafir in the West be offended that Muslim adherents are explosively demanding that special privileges be given them even though the same privileges are denied other religions in the West that are still the majority? YES ABSOLUTELY!

I could go on and on as to ascertain that the kafir should be offended by Mohammedanism but honestly I grow weary of researching the infamy of Islam.

In lieu of my unwillingness to carry on,
you kafir must read Caroline B. Glick’s essay on supporting Geert Wilders and Freedom of Speech – Western Style.

JRH 1/27/09

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