Thursday, January 15, 2009

Does a Northern Front Appear Immanent for Israel?

The Jamestown FoundationGlobal Terrorism Analysis division – believes there is a potential for escalated warfare in Israel’s future. These thoughts are directly related to sporadic yet continuing missile launches into Israel from Southern Lebanon.

The Jamestown Foundation explores all the angles that might result in Israel beginning a second front against Islamic terrorists bent on destroying Israel. That exploration makes their essay a good read.

Just as a teaser: the logical missile launching Islamic culprits would seem to fall on Shi’ite
Hezbollah; however Hezbollah has not accepted the credit and Lebanonese government officials also say it is not Hezbollah. The working theory implied is that Sunni Islamic murderers representing Arabs calling themselves Palestinians may be stirring Israel up to confront Shi’ite Hezbollah. Apparently the radical Sunni Islamic terrorists of Southern Lebanon despise the bigger and stronger Shi’ite Hezbollah as Islamic heretics.

Coupling the Sunni/Shia animosity is that the transnational terrorist organization
al-Qaeda has called on Islam (i.e. Sunni) to rise up against Israel. This rising up includes criticism for Egypt and Jordan for not invading Israel; ergo the Sunni citizens of those dis-respective nations should rise up against their governments for being in collusion with Israel and the USA.

Although the Jamestown Foundation has a banner declaring itself a neutral source of information and analysis, I detected a hint of a pro-Palestinian victimization while there seemed to be a de-emphasis of Israeli Victimology.

Still the
analysis is very compelling and a good read.

JRH 1/15/09

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