Thursday, January 01, 2009

Israel: Go for Unconditional Surrender

The Western Left, the PC crowd and Muslim oil extortionists are all whining that Israel is using disproportionate military response to the Hamas missile landing in Israel civilian centers. I even heard an Arab-Palestinian on Fox News question what Israel is doing since (as of the date of the interview) no Israeli causalities have been incurred.

The implication being that a few missiles directed by Hamas who calls for the obliteration of Israel and Jews is not a significant reason for Israel to launch a major offensive assault directed at the Hamas Jew-hating murderers.

Of course that is a bunch of crock. Israel should pursue Hamas with the same tenacity the Allies of WWII demanded of the Nazi/Fascist/Japanese Axis; i.e. Unconditional Surrender.

Such a military action may accomplish two things.

After a defeated Hamas occurs in Gaza, the Israeli government can turn the land back to the control of the Palestinian Authority (ruled by a Mahmoud Abbas of suspect trustworthiness).

The Palestinian Authority should get a message of how Israel makes an example of Hamas and those that support the Islamic terrorists; viz. that Israel is prepared to be friendly to a form of a Two-State solution and that any Palestinian betrayal will be met with the same fate as Hamas.

Does Israel have the guts to pursue such a strategy? I doubt it. As powerful as little Israel is, little Israel is little. Israel played an increasingly loosing diplomatic with Europe and America who have been deluded into believing that Israel is the reason for Arab-Palestinian suffering.
The fact is Arab-Palestinian suffering was initiated by the original invading Arab States in 1948 and perpetuated from that time for the sole reason of creating a thorn in Israel’s side.

Now that I have expressed my view that an all out war to defeat the enemy should be the goal of Israel,
read Dore Gold’s defense of the current force Israel is using against the Hamas war criminals.

JRH 1/1/09

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