Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Learn Who Father Zakaria Botros Is

A Coptic Priest Father Zakaria Botros from Egypt broadcasts by satellite to an estimated 60 million audience. The thing is Father Botros is broadcasting Christian themes to a mostly Muslim audience.

The amazing thing to me is that many Muslims tune in to watch a Christian Coptic Priest. The Father does not shy away from tackling issues that Muslims would find offense.

Personally I do not know any details but this Coptic Priest has to have fatwas of death against him Muslim/Mohammedan clerics. The article that caught my interest was posted on
Thoughts of a Conservative Christian. The article is entitled Father Zakaria Botros on “The perverse sexual habits of the Prophet”.

Whew! I am talking this guy is bold talking about such things. I have to emphasize though that Father Botros utilizes respect on his show toward Muslims, women and children. In this episode Father Botros tells women and children to leave the room and to all the Muslim listeners Father Botros apologizes ahead of time if what he says is offensive.

Father Botros as well points out that the information on old MO is gleaned from Muslim/Mohammedan holy books.

O yes I have to mention that Father Botros was selected as
World’s 2008 Daniel of the Year. Thus it is no surprise that Father Botros is one of the most hated persons of the Islamic terrorists.

Apparently a September 2008 article indicates Father Zakaria Botros now lives in the U.S. of A. For
Jihad Watch reveals that the good Father is on al-Qaeda’s hit list not to mention a 60 million dollar price tag on his life for being such an influence on Muslims.

It is interesting that Father Zakaria Botros is known by 60 million viewers in the Middle East yet he is hardly known at all in America. HELLO MAINSTREAM MEDIA!

JRH 1/13/09

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