Friday, January 30, 2009

BHO, Gitmo and Global Leftists

Helle C. Dale writing for the Heritage Foundation has a brilliant essay concerning President Barack Hussein Obama and Gitmo.

In essence Dale writes about BHO becoming a slave to ‘hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil’ Leftists in America and in Europe. (Of course Helle did not use the word “slave” for that might be deemed politically incorrect.)

Helle points out that BHO will receive public acclaim from the global Leftists as long as a released Gitmo inmate (after closing) is involved in a major Islamic Terrorist attack in America or Europe that takes thousands of innocent lives – AGAIN.

My favorite part of the essay is this:

“It is not very clear, though, how much the president is in command of his own policy. During Friday's signing ceremony, Mr. Obama appeared not to know that he would be signing four separate orders and had to refer repeatedly to White House Legal Counsel Greg Craig for answers to questions from the media. Nor was he able to answer a question about the future of the detainees.”

Place a picture of Obama’s public confusion in your mind. Now remember eight years of the Mainstream Media (MSM) nitpicking President Bush about an act judged by the MSM a public gaffe. President Bush was skewered as a political moron by the MSM.

Could it be the Obamasiah is not all knowing and indeed does not know enough to manage his elected Administration? Hmm…

Maybe we could even flash back to the Leftists skewering Sarah Palin for her alleged inexperience even though she had managed the day to day business of an elected Alaskan executive coming to Office despite resistance from the good old boys of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

I wonder if McCain or Palin would have acted so confused in public on a major issue. O well. I was just wondering.

JRH 1/30/09

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