Friday, January 09, 2009

Peace Loving Muslims in America – NOT!

The blog Islam in Action recently posted three videos of American-Muslims. The post was by Christopher Logan. Logan’s point is that American-Muslims show no difference in hate than do Middle Eastern or European Muslims.

Although that is a huge chunk of people to be all inclusive in active hate as in these videos, I am with Logan in wondering where the Muslim denunciation of Hamas missiles being launched on Israeli civilians is.

The vocal voice of American-Muslims is to support the heinous terrorism of so-called Palestinian-Arabs and the open voice that Jews should die. The ‘Jew dying’ part may be argued as a reference to Israeli Jews; however
there have acts of terrorism against Jews in Europe and the recent Mumbai Islamic murders on innocent people went beyond slaughter. The Mumbai terrorists found Jews and tortured them to death. I have not paid too close attention in America because the media often reports hate crimes in America as not being Muslim motivated (HERE’S ONE) when indeed there are times the attacks have been perpetuated by Muslims. But God forbid for the MSM to step up to the plate and finger a Muslim committing a racist act of hate.
I am leaving on of the three videos of Christopher Logan off of this post for
I actually posted yesterday.

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