Monday, January 26, 2009

Actively Support Wilders’ Right to Free Speech

Geert Wilders is in the process of being railroaded by the European Left version of egalitarian politically correct liberty. European liberty is only freedom if it complies with a majority opinion of government bureaucrats and academics. If a person expresses himself in such a way to run contrary to egalitarian laws or majority views (even if the majority is shrinking) it becomes hate speech; ergo a crime to be prosecuted.

If you are an American this should make your sensibilities quake like the feeling of fingernails being drawn down a chalk board. NOT GOOD!

Ben’s Blog has alerted me that the World Wide Web is gaining greater momentum to support Geert Wilders’ expose on the wickedness of Muslims practicing what the Quran says how a good Muslim should act.

JRH 1/26/09

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