Sunday, January 11, 2009

ONLY Conclusive Victories Ensure Israeli Existence

In this Hamas instigated war against Israel it is totally evident how much the radical Islamic terrorist’s value human life. That value is zero.

How can I come to that conclusion? Hamas launches rockets at civilian targets in Israel and uses Arab civilians as human shields in Gaza (Gazastan/Hamastan). Not only is Hamas using the lives of their brethren as human shields they are using structures associated with hospitals, Mosques and civilian homes as command centers and places to store cache of weapons.

How does Israel value human life?

Israel sends leaflets to warn of impending Israeli assaults. Israel utilizes non-lethal missiles in an effort to scare Arab human shields off of buildings before the lethal missiles are launched. The rules of engagement for Israeli military are not to harm civilians UNLESS there is no other way to attack the cowardly enemy.

The evident rules of engagement for Hamas is to utilize a labyrinth of tunnels in Gaza to pop out in civilian clothes briefly engage the Israeli IDF either with weapons or with homicidal suicide bombers. Then disappear like cockroaches back to the tunnels.

The reality of the Hamas tactics actually is brilliant against a superior military army; however that which is reprehensible is the Western accepted propaganda that Israel is brutalizing Arabs that call themselves Palestinians.

I have established the difference in the value of human life between Hamas and Israel. Hamas seeks to murder Israeli civilians and sacrifice their own people to death. Israel seeks to protect their civilians and warn Gaza Arab civilians to minimize the collateral damage of civilians. And the West buys into the propaganda that Hamas ruled Gaza are the recipients of victimization. It is Israel taking every effort to protect Arab civilians from the collateral damage that Hamas encourages as a tactic to bring global opinion against Israel. THAT IS CRAZY!

How can such a disparity exist between two groups of people who merely wish to have a life of self-determination?

In Israel’s case they have a nation established in the 20th century resulting from the millennia of guilt of Jewish persecution that culminated with the Nazi horrors of the Holocaust.

Arabs that call themselves Palestinians are the victims of Islamic/Mohammedan ideology that once a land is conquered by Islam it must remain under Islamic hegemony forever regardless of a non-Muslim claim to a land of heritage. It is the concept of Dar al-Islam versus Dar al-Harb. The Supremacist factor permeating the Theo-political ideology of Islam/Mohammedanism will forever unreasonably take every opportunity (openly or deceitfully) to drive the Jews of Israel into the sea.

It is Islamic Supremacism that is behind generations of clerics and Muslim educators continuing to poison their own people with racism and hate toward Israel and Jews in particular. Israel is a speck in a mote of Muslim hatred. To survive as a nation where Jews can go for both religious reasons and to escape millennia government persecution of Jews, Israel must maintain a vigilance of a martial nation. For the sake of self-preservation Israel must choose military strategies that may fly in the face of Western PC tolerance or Islamic Supremacism.

At the present time a good deal of Israel’s troubles is the result of failing to shoring up their multiple victories over Arab-Muslim invading armies. Every victory has been followed an appeasement gesture toward the losers. The losers merely used the gesture to re-arm for the next invasion, create Arab refugees trained in hate (ergo Islamic terrorists) and generations of misinformation-propaganda to paint a picture of Israeli evil to Westerners.

Hamas’ continued missile needling of Israeli civilians coupled with exploiting their own people to produce a fiction of Israeli atrocity in the now infamous doctrine of “Proportional (or Disproportional – depending on usage) Response, is a continuation of the ideology of Islamic Supremacy.

Israel needs to step up to the courage to eschew Left media anti-Semitism and Arab-oil muscle on the West to utilize DISPROPORTIONAL force to bring a conclusive victory instead of PC victory.

JRH 1/11/09


Nouf.M said...

for God's sake do you believe the non sense you wrote...of course they value humans life... should I attach a photo file of palastinian children in Gaza??? Yea they do value life!!!!

Theway2k said...

Nouf.M said...
"for God's sake do you believe the non sense you wrote...of course they value humans life... should I attach a photo file of palastinian children in Gaza??? Yea they do value life!!!!"

Nouf.M can indeed show you some pictures. I visited her website of the same name. Her last post has photos of the devastating price of war.

That post has several photos of maimed and harassed Arabs that call themselves Palestinians in Gaza as the result of Israeli reprisals for Hamas shooting missiles Into Israel.

The thing is Nouf.M fails to show the photos of children being indoctrinated to HATE Jews at an early age: (entertainment: Hamas kid stabs Pres. Bush)

Hamas Hate Television:

So let’s be honest. If the people of Gaza (Gazastan-Hamastan) accept Israel’s existence and not support Islamic murderers like Hamas then the tragedy of war would not happen to the Arab civilians in Gaza.

As long as hate is the raison d’etat of Arabs that call themselves Palestinians, Israel will and SHOULD hammer those that support the hate thinking of driving Jews into the sea.

(I am uncertain how long the links to damning pictures of Hamas-Muslims will be viable.)