Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just How much does Hamas Value Human Life?

I recently posted a response to a comment made by Nouf.M who was responding to a post entitled, “Only Conclusive Victories Ensure Israeli Existence”.

Again this is the brief comment made by Nouf.M:

“for God's sake do you believe the non sense you wrote...of course they value humans life... should I attach a photo file of palastinian children in Gaza??? Yea they do value life!!!!”

She castigates me for showing that Arabs that call themselves Palestinians do not “value humans life”. Her comment implies she can show me the result of how Palestinian-Arab children value life.

I both left a comment to her comment and was irritated by her hypocrisy that I posted how her society devalues human life. Indeed her society teaches and trains hatred of Jews and Americans from the cradle to the grave. I illustrated this by Googling some photos and posting them to counter the extremely skewed photos on her blog showing the aftermath of an Israeli attack in Gaza.

Of course Nouf.M fails to mention that the Israeli attacks occurred because of Gaza’s governing Islamic terrorists known as Hamas shooting rockets at Israeli civilian targets.

Act for America sent an email appeal to sign an Internet petition to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon asking him to address the culture of hatred that is taught in Gaza. Act for America rightly calls the Hamas child indoctrination child abuse.

Then the Act for America email directs to a
YouTube video produced by Palestinian Watch. The video shows just how much that the Gazan Arabs are brainwashed into hatred.

This video shows some of the pictures I had posted to refute Nouf.M’s claim that Arab-Palestinians value human life.

JRH 1/15/09

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