Saturday, January 24, 2009

BHO Surrender will Lead to Islamic Attack in America

President Barack Hussein Obama – in effect – has surrendered to Islamic terrorists by declaring an end to the Global War on Terror (GWOT).

As this news spreads to transnational Islamic terrorists I expect swooning intoxication of blood lust for the kafir for these Islamic nut jobs will view President Obama’s surrender as a Jihad victory.

The Leftist reviled former President Bush protected an attack on American soil since the cowardly al-Qaeda sneak attack of September 11, 2001.

There is evidence that transnational Islamic terrorists have not given up on the idea of attacking the American Homeland, they have merely been thwarted.

After the Obama surrender, expect an attack sooner than later.

A ‘dirty bomb’ is a possibility however
a bio weapon is probably easier and my guess is to potentially take out more Americans than 9/11.

Last year, Dr. Jeffrey Runge, chief medical officer at the US Department of Homeland Security, told Congress that the risk of a large-scale biological attack on the nation is significant and the US knows its terrorist enemies have sought biological weapons. Runge said al-Qaeda is the most significant threat.

Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has long shown an active interest in biological weapons. In the late 1990s, bin Laden set-up 19 chemical and biological weapons laboratories in Afghanistan stocking them with deadly pathogens: anthrax, plague, and botulinum toxins. He hired Ukrainian and Russian experts to train his people and, according to then-CIA director George Tenet, bin Laden trained his operatives “…to conduct attacks with toxic chemicals or biological toxins.”The group’s biological weapons expert, Midhat Mursi al-Sayid Umar, who was reportedly killed by a US missile in 2008, published a 5,000-page encyclopedia of jihad devoted to chemical biological warfare (CBW). Al-Sayid’s manual, which is available in print and on the Internet, provides instructions on how to manufacture rudimentary biological weapons.The availability of al-Sayid’s CBW cookbook makes it possible for independent jihadist cells like the AQIM to attempt to manufacture rudimentary biological weapons. That’s why it shouldn’t be a surprise when there are attempts to manufacture agents by franchise groups such as the 2003 incident in London where six Algerians were charged with plotting to produce the poison ricin and the 2005 French government claim that al-Qaeda cells in the Pankisi Gorge region of Georgia are producing anthrax bacteria, ricin, and botulinum toxin.

Does this sound like the end to the Global War on Terror? It is a Leftist delusion that a stroke of a pen will end GWOT. BHO’s surrender is merely adding fuel to the fire of future attacks on American soil.

JRH 1/24/09

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