Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blarney: A Ten Day Israel/Hamas Cease-Fire

Apparently a unilateral cease-fire vote is about to place with the Israel Security Council for a ten day truce with Hamas.

The word is “unilateral” because as usual the concerned Arab States and the West want Israel to cease fire without any reciprocal commitment from Hamas.

Hamas vows to keep shooting missiles as long as the Israel Defense Forces are in Gaza as if Hamas did not shoot missiles before the IDF was used to punish Hamas for shooting at Israeli civilian targets.

I also read that Foreign Minister (and current head of Kadima) Tzipi Livni said Israel would resume military activities if Hamas continues missile attacks.

I thus sense if the Israel Security Council signs a unilateral cease-fire, it will be either a worthless scrap of paper in which Hamas will shoot more rockets or Hamas will use ten days to re-arm to continue its agenda of murder and terror to wipe Israel off the planet.

I say if Israel signs a cease-fire as forced upon them by a variety Western Governments (and as brokered by the USA and/or Egypt) any sign of re-arming or missile activity should be publicly hailed for Israel to eradicate Hamas from Gaza.

Of course the useless supposed organization of world peace – the U.N. – is outraged that Israel keeps shelling their enemies who are not signing into the cease-fire themselves.

Then the AP typically inserts a Gazan victimization story of an IDF shell landing in their kitchen and the poor Gazans (who incidentally are nearly 100% behind Hamas terrorism) are trapped in their homes.

If this was Ireland instead of the Middle East, the word “
blarney” comes to mind.

JRH 1/17/09

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