Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Obama to Close Gitmo

I firmly believe closing Gitmo and releasing terrorists back to their homelands to rejoin their cadre of Islamic murderers is a huge mistake.

Even the terrorists that are taken through civilian justice rather than military or a special tribunal is flawed thinking.

These terrorists are in essence war criminals and should be tried as such.

And said trials should take place after someone has the cajones to end the Global War on Terror with the goal of all wars – VICTORY.

Melanie Morgan has sent out an email to seek donations against the Leftist agenda of closing Gitmo as well as utilizing an online petition to deliver to the current President-Elect-Barack Hussein Obama.

It is worth posting:

JRH 1/13/09



Melanie Morgan
Move America Forward
Sent: January 13, 2009

President-elect Barack Obama is likely planning to order the closing of the terrorist prison at Guantanamo Bay on the same day he is sworn into office, Jan. 20 according to an AP story out today. Some of the estimated 250 terrorists, al-Qaida and Taliban suspects could then end up in America, despite outcry from local residents.

This radical plan is na├»ve, dangerous to Americans, counter-productive for national security, and insulting to our troops at Gitmo who exhibit perfect professionalism. We won’t take it lying down.



Obama should not even consider closing down the prison until he personally visits and meets the brave men and women who work there. They serve with honor and dedication, despite what the mainstream media have said about them. Obama hasn’t even taken the time to send an aide or staffer to see the facilities firsthand.

The only reason for closing Gitmo is to make leftists and some European countries feel better. They have fallen for the tripe that liberals and their cohorts in the media have spread about our troops and the facility. That and they may just truly hate America.

Well I have seen firsthand the conditions in which these dangerous men live. They live in a climate-controlled, state-of-the-art prison with floors clean enough to eat off of. They watch movies while relaxing on an overstuffed sofa; they have six meal plans from which to choose what they eat; they are called to prayer five times a day as proscribed in their Muslim faith; they have three medical personnel for EACH terrorist.

And let’s not forget: Not one American has been charged with a crime for the handling of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. There’s nothing to suggest that anything approaching a crime has taken place there. We know that our military brings to justice those who break the law within their ranks. So, if something happened that was so bad in Gitmo, why hasn’t anybody been charged? Because NO LAWS WERE BROKEN!

I am outraged at the lies that have been spread about Gitmo and the work of our troops. If Obama foolishly chooses to close Gitmo and ship radical jihadists to America, he is saying that our troops haven’t done their jobs, or worse, that they’ve committed atrocities. That’s outrageous, but it seems that to him the feelings of left-wingers mean more than America’s safety or the honor of our military.

The radicals are already pushing Obama to free an alleged terrorist who killed an American soldier and engaged in other terrorist acts.

Groups on Monday sent a letter to Obama asking him to drop charges against Omar Khadr, who allegedly killed a soldier and committed material support for terrorism and espionage. If Obama won’t suspend the military commissions and drop the charges, these groups want him to send Khadr to Canada for rehabilitation. How do you intend to rehab an alleged terrorist who killed an American soldier?

We must stop this nonsense and send a clear message to Obama: Keep Americans safe from terrorists by holding them at Gitmo. Move America Forward is leading the charge against the radicals’ agenda to bring terrorists to America and near our homes.

All presidents during war time have held enemy combatants in prisons and camps until the war ended. President Abraham Lincoln held as many as 18,000 suspected Confederate sympathizers and tried enemy combatants throughout the Civil War.

Obama must not be allowed to play along with the slanders against our troops. We Americans must stand up now and tell him to cut the nuttiness before it’s too late.

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