Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nouf.M Cries Victimization

John R. Houk
Response to
Only Conclusive Victories Ensure Israeli Existence’ Comment
© January 14, 2009

Nouf.M said...
for God's sake do you believe the non sense you wrote...of course they value humans life... should I attach a photo file of palastinian children in Gaza??? Yea they do value life!!!!

Nouf.M can indeed show you some pictures. I visited her website of the same name. Her last post has photos of the devastating price of war.

That post has several photos of maimed and harassed Arabs that call themselves Palestinians in Gaza as the result of Israeli reprisals for
Hamas shooting missiles Into Israel.

The thing is Nouf.M fails to show the photos of children being indoctrinated to HATE Jews at an early age:

Hamas Hate Television:

So let’s be honest. If the people of Gaza (Gazastan-Hamastan) accept Israel’s existence and not support Islamic murderers like Hamas then the tragedy of war would not happen to the Arab civilians in Gaza.

As long as hate is the raison d’etat of Arabs that call themselves Palestinians, Israel will and SHOULD hammer those that support the hate thinking of driving Jews into the sea.

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