Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sacks: The Exquisite Irrelevance of Proportionality

Leftists, European Governments, Middle Eastern Governments and so-called Palestinian-Arabs have been whining about a disproportionate use of force by the Israeli Defense Forces to the civilian targeted missile attacks by Hamas.

This is a load of propaganda dung aimed at the West to pressure Israel to stop the war and continue to allow Hamas to shoot missiles into Israel.

What is happening between Hamas (Gaza-Gazastan-Hamastan) and Israel is an ongoing war with Israel in which Hamas’ end goal is Israel’s destruction.

Add to this that missiles came out of South Lebanon (the haven of Iran supported Shi’ite Hezbollah) and struck an Israeli nursing home. The miracle: no human injuries occurred. The tragedy: a building that is a residence for the elderly and recuperating individuals has a bunch of holes in it.

Should not Israel be held to the same proportionate response in protecting its citizens as any other nation would in fact respond in an attack?

Leslie J. Sacks examines the hypocrisy of the double standards that other nations do the same themselves while expecting Israel to execute a lesser proportionality.

Read the Sacks essay.

JRH 1/8/09

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