Monday, January 26, 2009

Haggard Needs to Practice Full Disclosure

Ted Haggard resigned his Pastorate of his New Life Church in Colorado Springs and he resigned as President of the influential (Christian Right) National Association of Evangelicals in 2006.

In case you have forgotten as to why Haggard resigned, it
was due to accusations of homosexuality.

When the story first broke publicly, Haggard denied everything. As the smoking gun evidence emerged the resignations followed.

I am saying the evidence (the exposing light) exposed the darkness. The darkness was more than being a homosexual. The darkness was prevaricating to his Church, his fellow leaders of the National Association of Evangelicals and to Christian Brothers and Sisters globally that had honored Haggard’s Office as a Pastor and a supposed man of God preaching the Truth of Jesus Christ.

Haggard intended to LIE until light exposed the darkness.

Here it is 2009 and I have recently discovered not only he lied about homosexual debauchery with a male prostitute, but he had
at least one other homosexual relationship with a member of his Church. I have to guess since Haggard even lied about another homosexual act, he could be covering other acts of Biblical perversions that he may be hoping the darkness will cover the light.

I know I must sound like I am being a little rough for a Christian Believer that believes in the Mercy and Grace of God through the Redeeming Blood of the Savior Jesus Christ.

Here is the thing. I have grown weary of trusted Christian leaders betraying their flocks and God-Seekers looking to be fed spiritually. It is apparent now that Haggard exploited his position of leadership to be a big dog preacher while simultaneously turning his back on his Lord Jesus Christ.

I have to honest I am blowing a little steam that I will probably have to ask forgiveness for. NOT only was Haggard a prevaricating hypocrite to Christians that believed he had an example of faithfulness, but Haggard was a prevaricating hypocrite to the poor souls that are trying to validate an alternate lifestyle that contradicts Biblical morality.

Haggard’s lying deceptive ways has to be perceived by practicing homosexuals as confirmation that Biblical morality is a mythical standard that does not apply to human being in the 21st century. I mean why would a homosexual listen to a Believer trying to explain the Good News of Jesus Christ (even under a Holy Spirit led anointing) sharing that humanity has been delivered from the darkness of this world system with Haggard as a reason to scoff at the Believer?

I read Haggard’s new story of prevarication knowing homosexuals are doomed to forsake the Risen Savior and that Believers may fall by choice under the delusion that Salvation is worthless under the power of the flesh life.

Come on Haggard! At least follow the example of once fallen Minister Jim Baker who fell morally and also according to the secular laws of the land. Baker did his time in prison and has brought everything to light pushing the darkness out of his life. Haggard, back on board of the light and the darkness will have no power over you and will put a huge dent in the dark example of your old man dominating your new man in Christ Jesus.

JRH 1/26/09

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