Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gaza to Egypt and West Bank to Jordan: ...

Gaza to Egypt and West Bank to Jordan:
Will it Bring Israeli Security?

John R. Houk
© January 29, 2009

Leslie J. Sacks blog sent a Daniel Pipes essay pertaining to the Land of Israel and the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians.

The flash summary of the essay is that Israel remains a sovereign nation and the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians become part of Egypt and Jordan respectively.

For me this is something I have been advocating for a long time; however Pipes’ implication is that the West Bank (Judea and Samaria to Israel) be given to Jordan and Gaza be given to Egypt.

The thinking is that Egypt and Jordan are not adversarial with Israel any longer by virtue of recognizing the existence of the Jewish State and establishing diplomatic relations.

Let’s be frank though: All the past wars that Israel has won have centered around three central foes – Syria, Egypt and Jordan.

America’s hyperpower status has been a little tarnished by the humbling of economic factors and a lack of tenacious purpose that is supposed to be the end result of all wars – strategy to total victory.

There is an Islamic mindset of peace with the kafir only as long as
dar al-Islam is weaker, then if there is a perception of dar al-Islam strength the peace is thrown out in order to throw the out kafir.

Frankly I believe the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians will still be agitated toward the Land of Israel even though they may have been matriculated back into Arab sovereignty. I suspect that agitation will again light the fire of passion amongst the Egyptian and Jordanian masses to wipe Israel off the map for the sake of dar al-Islam.

So here’s thing: Gaza is such a speck of land I believe Israel could defend an Egyptian border as well as the present time. On the other hand, returning the West Bank to Arab sovereignty will leave Israel security as vulnerable as it was to invasion prior to 1967. AND I have not even mentioned the Golan Heights which Syria lost due to one of their invasions to drive Israel into the sea.

Of all the peace pursuits that have been on the table, Daniel Pipes’ idea does seem the most practical; however I am what may be called a
Christian Zionist. I strongly believe it is robbing Israel of its Biblical heritage by giving up the West Bank. You see the Arab view of the West Bank would include the Eastern part of Jerusalem liberated from Arab (i.e. Jordanian) control after the 1967 war (Six Day War) to drive Jews into the sea. The Jewish claim to the entirety of Jerusalem is paramount and above any mythology developed by Muslims to assuage Islam.

The Land is Israel’s!

Be sure
to read the Daniel Pipes essay posted at Leslie J. Sacks.

JRH 1/29/09

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