Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Israel Existence at Stake and Western Abandonment

It is unlikely that the Netanyahu led Israeli government and the Barack Administration will agree on a military strike to slow or terminate Iran’s nuclear weapon ambitions. With that in mind it has been leaked that Israel’s super-spy organization Mossad is in the process of another tactic to slow Iranian nuclear ambitions. That tact is the assassination of key people involved in the nuclear weaponry evolvement of the Iran nuke program.

the deluded Left who may wish to accept a nuke armed Iran or the belief that Iran is not lying when it claims nuclearization is merely for peaceful energy purposes, this probably considered an international breach of protocol that still may lead to a Western confrontation with the psycho-Mullahs of Iran.

I say to Israel, “GO FOR IT!”

If Israel can slow down Iran in any way until someone in the West comprehends that
Iran has a radical Islamic global agenda, then more power to the Israelis. God Almighty I just pray that someone in the West (not just America) comprehends the hegemonic goals of the psycho-Mullahs and their followers (such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad).

JRH 2/17/09

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