Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Choose One: Free Speech for All or Hate Speech for All

If you pay any attention in the blogosphere it is not news that Geert Wilders is being prosecuted in his own nation of the Netherlands (i.e. the Dutch boys and girls) for incitement of hatred. The accused crime is producing a movie short called Fitna that compares the present day actions of Islamic terrorists to the very words of the Quran.

It is not surprising to me that the Left of Wilders’ Europe and of America equate this not to Free Speech but to the equivalent to falsely yelling FIRE in a crowded theatre. The metaphor being if people are trampled to death, the yelling perpetrator is a murderer.

The problem with the Leftist mindset is this: yelling FIRE falsely is indeed a crime that can evolve into a heinous if death occurs. Yet yelling FIRE when there is a fire and people panic and trampling and deaths occur is not a crime. That is a failure of organization and planning for a potential hazardous situation.

Geert Wilders is yelling FIRE! Islam is not fit for Western Culture. The essence of the Theo-political cult is incitement to violence for everything not submitting to Islamic Supremacism. The societal danger is not in the warning of the danger it is in the NOT preparing for what the danger is able to conflagrate in society.

Now that takes care of the Left.

Here is some Free Speech nonsense from a combination of Left and Right:

“Whether Mr. Wilders has deliberately insulted Muslim people is for the judges to decide. But for a man who calls for a ban on the Koran to act as the champion of free speech is a bit rich.” – Ian Buruma – NYT.

Or this:

“However, Wilders himself does not deserve to be called an icon of free speech, since he explicitly wants to ban the Koran and make Islam illegal in Europe; in other words, he wants to take away other people’s freedom of speech and freedom of religion, and that is simply wrong. Book banning is what totalitarians do, not believers in free speech.” – Charles Johnson – LGF.

I found these quotes at Jihad Watch.

Do you see what these guys are saying? Banning the Quran or inhibiting the practice of violent Islam is an infringement of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion; thus defending Wilders’ Free Speech is agreeing to dampen or eradicate the Free Speech and Freedom of Religion of Muslims (or anyone for that matter).

These guys have abandoned the FIRE approach to an obfuscation sure to tip the emotions of Americans centered on the right to freely practice religion or freely not to practice religion.

The Jihad Watch poster to which these quotes were found I believe is Robert Spencer. Spencer does a marvelous job of showing the fallacy of applying freedom of religion to stifle Geert Wilders.

Spencer basically demonstrates that which good for the goose is good for the gander. In other words if the rule of law applies a hate speech or incitement for one person or group of like minded people, the rule of law should also apply to the offended person or group of like minded people.

If Wilders is inciting Muslims, are not Muslims inciting non-Muslims (defined as kafir by Muslim Supremacists) with their Theo-Political writings such as the Quran, Hadith and Sira?

The key word of application for Spencer is CONSISTENCY.

Check out the Jihad Watch post entitled, “
Is Geert Wilders inconsistent in calling for banning the Qur'an and defending free speech?

JRH 2/11/09

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