Sunday, February 08, 2009

Netanyahu Will NOT Divide Jerusalem

There is an election battle going on in Israel. The voting begins February 10. I wrote earlier that Netanyahu’s Likud Party though still head in the polls, is expected to barely have more seats than the current government of Kadima (formerly led by corrupt Ehud Olmert but now Tzipi Livni). The reason the long time favorite Netanyahu’s lead was shrinking is because of far Right Avigdor Lieberman candidate from the Yisrael Beiteinu Party. Lieberman has been surging in the polls.

I have learned recently that if Netanyahu wins he guarantees that
Lieberman will have a prominent Ministry Portfolio in a Likud led government.

Government politics can be a fascinating thing to watch. When there are multiple political Parties that have a descent share of the Parliamentary seats (in this case called the Knesset) then coalitions must be developed in which blocs of Parties form the ruling government. I sense in Israel’s case the voters cast their lots for the Party that is Center Left or Center Right.

This means the Parties that are bit more on the Left/Right fringe are courted to make by the Center Left and the Center Right to form a majority government.

You can almost feel the smoke when Netanyahu speaks publicly saying that there will be a spot for far Right Yisrael Beiteinu (Lieberman) and almost Center Right Labor (Ehud Barak). This would leave avowed Centrist Party Kadima (although looking more and more Left since
Sharon was incapacitated) nearly powerless.

In Parliamentary politics the final outcome is not really known until the coalitions are formed. Some of those coalitions will have Political Parties in them that have very divergent ideologies when all the smoke clears.

Now back to Benjamin Netanyahu:
His Likud stand is that if elected, Israel will not give up the Golan Heights and will NOT divide Jerusalem with a potential Palestinian government.

For Christian Zionists as I am, Lieberman in a Netanyahu government solidifies Jerusalem not being divided.

JRH 2/8/09 (From Prophecy Update)

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