Saturday, February 28, 2009

Obama and Israeli Left Join Forces to Israel’s Detriment

Caroline Glick has written an awesome essay relating to the political traps up coming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces from the Left in Israel (viz., so-called centrist Kadima Party) and the Obama Administration.

The Obama Administration in particular is trying to force the issue of booting Jewish residents from the West Bank to enable a psycho-Arab State to become sovereign right on Israel’s door step. Further the Obama Administration is bent on Fatah (of Mahmoud Abbas) and Hamas (of Khalid Mashal [Hiding in fear in Syria] and Ismail Haniyeh [Gaza]) forming a unified government. This would force Israel to recognize Hamas as a legitimate negotiator in the delusional Two-State solution. Also it would entail America adding legitimacy to a transnational terrorist organization that doesn’t even pretend to ever recognize Israel to exist as a nation. Adding American legitimacy to Hamas would validate Iran sending arms, training and money to Hamas to further Iran’s hegemonic goals which include the destruction of Israel.

Concerning President Barack Hussein Obama people should not be surprised.

Look at BHO’s Arab and Hamas supporting friends in his social and political fund raising career:

    · BHO (at least socially) hung out with Rashid Khalidi, the former mouthpiece for PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat.

    · Rashid Khalidi inherited his mantle from
    Edward Said (or Sayyid) that used pro-Palestinian/Arab rhetoric couple with his anti-Western Magnum Opus “Orientalism” to castigate Israel’s legitimacy to exist.

    · While running for President, one of BHO’s foreign policy advisors
    Robert O’Malley had to be fired for getting caught holding extensive talks with Hamas. Do you think O’Malley unilaterally embarked on those talks? Only a moron would believe that Barack Hussein Obama had nothing to do with it.

    · It has been revealed recently that
    Barack Hussein Obama intends talks with Hamas which is a certified terrorist organization by the State Department. This is inline with BHO’s history of hanging around anti-Semites and pro-Palestinian Arabs (who desire the destruction of Israel.

I am guessing a huge confrontation is developing between the Obama Administration and the government of Israel’s Netanyahu. Netanyahu will skillfully sidestep Obama’s weakening of Israel agenda, cave-in to Obama’s pressure concerning Israeli security and/or allowing BHO to form yet another hostile rogue Islamic sovereign nation to be formed next door placing Israel back into a 1948 position of Islamic invasions to slam Jews into the sea.

JRH 2/28/09

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