Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pigs Get the Ax In China TV Ads, In Nod to Muslims

Mohammedan victimhood has even reached the official atheistic State of the People’s Republic of China. You see the Chinese New Year is labeled the year of the “pig.” Nestle had prepared a marketing campaign that included Chinese New Year symbolism, which means pigs.

China vetoed the Nestle marketing campaign because it might (gag) offend Mohammedans.

Now this is remarkable for
China does not seem to mind offending Christians: the fastest growing religion in Communist China. The Chinese routinely bull doze churches and homes that are said to be illegal. Unregistered Christian Pastors and Christian Church members are routinely tortured to extricate information.

Yet the Chinese are more concerned of their violent minority of Mohammedans, than peaceful Christians that offer no overt violence to the Communist Chinese. Why is that?

I suspect it has more to do with Chinese alliances than sympathy for Mohammedans and antipathy for Christians. Who is that ally? It is Iran, a huge provider of oil to the Chinese economy. Hmm…

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