Saturday, January 20, 2007

Is Christ the Greatest Socialist that Ever Lived?

Let us place Hugo Chavez’s election victory in Venezuela in a Christian/Capitalist perspective, especially since Chavez calls Jesus Christ the greatest socialist that ever lived.

Did Jesus care about the communal care of all humanity? Yes.

Did Jesus believe in a State that managed the collective care of humanity? Yes and no.

The purpose for the first coming of Jesus Christ was to deliver humanity from the grip of the dark slavery of the world system of Satan’s twisted kingdom and transfer humanity into the Light of the Kingdom of God – a Saving Deliverance.

The question then becomes: What is the Kingdom of God?

Is the Kingdom of God a human market society in which the rules of Capitalism determine value and opportunity to better oneself? No.

Is the Kingdom of God a human managed system in which personal human profit is taxed heavily by the government in order for the government to manage every social and communal service for the betterment of humanity? No.

Is the Kingdom of God a Communist government in which all property is owned by the Kingdom and all human duty is owed to the Kingdom in order for the Kingdom to manage every aspect of rights and privileges of humanity? No.

The Kingdom of God is a union with God and humanity by the Redemptive act of Jesus Christ. The Redemption of Christ restores the strait path of right standing between God and humanity undoing the twisting of human nature caused by Satan. Greed, avarice, illicit pleasures, dark domination within humanity individually and collectively is all ended in the Kingdom of God. The attributes of the Goodness of God is more than just normal, the Goodness is an ingrained part of human nature that comprehends what God knows: viz. that evil is wrong and Godly virtue is good.

Kingdom of God living is intuitively (without even thinking about a right or wrong) is living the will of God. Living the will of God in the Kingdom of God is not because the State enforces God’s Law (or else), but Living the will of God is an Oneness of thought between God and humanity. This is the Divine Collective as opposed to a human enforced collective by violence and compulsion.

Chavez’s claim that Jesus Christ is the greatest socialist is merely a Communist ideological ploy to get a deluded populace on board with Chavez program before the people understand that Liberty, Rights and Privilege have been surrendered to a despotic State government.

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