Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Israel in NATO?

I just realized why I am a Blog hack and not a policy formulator. There is a discussion to make Israel a full fledged member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

This is brilliant!

Iran has been overtly belligerent calling for Israel to be wiped off the map. Add to this Iran’s aspiration to be a nuclear power in the Middle Eastern region and you have a conflagration waiting to happen.

I have had tunnel vision thoughts on this issue to wit: Either Israel acts unilaterally or America acts unilaterally or Israel and America act as allies to end the threat of a nuclear Iran.

If Israel joins NATO that transforms the equation enormously, the NATO signatories are obligated to protect each other from foreign aggression. If Iran attacked Israel, a NATO Israel would have allies that would respond with extreme prejudice.

Although this is no guarantee that psycho Iran would not attack Israel, NATO membership should go a long way toward making Iran think twice (or bimbo client state Syria for that matter). If NATO determined Iran’s nuclear threat was beyond peaceful nuclear energy, then NATO could act as one (regardless of the impotent U.N.) to neutralize the Shi’ite psychos.

If Iran attacks Israel Iran risks a multi-nation invasion that would include France, Britain and Germany.

There are some possible negatives to consider for a full NATO membership for Israel. The NATO signatory nations may force Israel to comply with some stiff measures relating to the terrorist dominated Palestine Authority. I am sure the Slanted Left Europe would see that as a bonus while Christian Right Americans and Orthodox Jews would see Palestinian Arab concessions as a sell out.

In either case the Iranian threat is the preeminent situation that needs addressed first.

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