Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Democrats Move to Stifle Free Speech (Again)

A few days ago I received an email from the American Family Association warning that the Senate was preparing to take away Conservative Bloggers ability to exercise free Speech prior to National Elections. Now I have found confirmation that the Democratic Party controlled House is preparing to engage in similar legislation.

Democrat Kucinich is advocating legislation that requires equal media time for controversial issues. If this legislation passes it will nearly put Conservative TV and Radio hosts out of business because the cost of air time for a rebuttal would lead to the program cancellation.

This will lead the Democratic Party to control what the public hears and thus render it difficult for Conservatives to expose Left Wing hypocrisy and morally depraved positions. The Mainstream Media is already dominating the dissemination of information from a Left Slant. Just think of the iron fisted grip over information the Left would have over freedom speech. It is heinous situation.

Blogs For Bush exposes the Democrat plan.

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