Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Venezuela: More Corruption & Inefficiency

On various blogs that I participate on, I often receive negative commentary due to my Christian Right Neoconservative bent.

Incredibly one of those comments from a Slanted Left thinker implied that Hugo Chavez is doing a good thing for his Venezuelan citizens. If Venezuelans voted to reelect Chavez, why should America involve itself in Venezuelan politics or Chavez’s anti-American antics? That was pondering of a Leftie.

Apparently the Left in the West is so virulent against Bush that they do not comprehend the harm to National Security Chavez can ensue. Indeed, Chavez’s new pal President Ahmadinejad of Iran will hamper International Security. Iran is a rogue nation that has been proven to support financially and with the supply of military weapons to known terrorist organizations.

So is
Chavez good for Venezuelans?

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