Friday, January 19, 2007

Global terrorism: On the march, not on the run

Apparently al Qaeda and other terrorist networks are experiencing “resilience.” America had made great strides in diminishing the effectiveness of al Qaeda linked organization, however out going Intelligence Chief John Negroponte has told Congress that al Qaeda and the Taliban are again experiencing growth.

I am convinced the accounting of this is the propaganda campaign first by Mohammedan media and then anti-Bush Slanted Left media. That propaganda is that terrorists in Iraq are meeting with success in Iraq. This has emboldened a recruiting effort by radical Mohammedans.

If the Mainstream Media (MSM) would also publish accounts of victories against terrorism there might not be such resurgence. Some MSM refuses to use the term terrorist or radical Islam. The MSM will utilize radical Mohammedan phrases as “freedom fighter,” Insurgents, and so on. It is almost as if the MSM supports the radical Mohammedan cause and goals.

Here is The Economist story that started this thought.

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