Saturday, January 27, 2007


You know I am certain there are those in the military who are unhappy with President Bush if for no other reason that they are in the military and in a foreign nation risking their lives.

I have to tell you though, most of the live coverage of I find showing soldiers are that of those dedicated to the mission at hand. Of course America rarely sees that side of the military. That is a heinous omission by the Mainstream Media (MSM). The MSM often will show scandal and even give it more weight than the reality because of the MSM hatred of President George W. Bush.

I have to tell you I am not extremely happy with W currently either, however it is for different reasons that the MSM or the Slanted Left Democrats would give you. My unhappiness stems from Bush bending more to the wishes of the Democrats than toward ultimate victory in the Middle East. But that is another story.

Retired Lt. Col.
Oliver North at a Fox Blog gives a profile of the American soldier.

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