Sunday, January 28, 2007

Woolsey on WWIV and PA not Deserving of State

James Woolsey was Director of the CIA from 1993 - 95. This means he was the Director during the Clinton Administration. I suspect his opinions about Mohammedans limited his CIA Directorate to two years.

Here is a report on an interview Woolsey gave in Arutz Sheva (
Israel National News). I know I am a few days behind in posting this January 24 article, but it is worth the read. I doubt Woolsey’s thoughts hit the Mainstream Media (MSM).

Woolsey begins by defining his belief Western style Democracies are involved in World War IV with “Islamist Totalitarianism.” It is Woolsey’s contention that World War III was the Cold War. I agree.

Then Woolsey embarks on his reasons as to why the Arabs called Palestinians are undeserving of a sovereign nation. The central thesis of that belief is the Palestinian school systems teach extreme hatred of Jews from the earliest remedial academics through the highest academics. One example is that
the Jewish people, including references from the Koran attesting to the corrupt, dishonest character of the Jews. Here is a good article of a history of anti-Semitism which includes Mohammedan thoughts that are ingrained in their culture as fact: Roots of Anti-Semitism.


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