Thursday, January 18, 2007

On Course for Iran

A Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) analysis implies President Bush and the Cabinet members that count are on board that Iran is becoming a dangerous entity in the Middle East region. Along with that implication there should be a question: So what is the Bush Administration going to do about it?

READ the CFR analysis. The analysis builds an ample case for good reasons to confront Iran in some military form. The last sentence is the one that Appeasers will find fault with:

“The moment the first U.S. warheads detonate over an Iranian nuclear installation, the United States will be at war (WashPost) with the Islamic Republic."

It is not politically correct to think so, however a WAR may be the best solution for global peace. If a War indeed proceeds, let us all hope the strategy is to win rather than battle to not offend. Winning will produce lasting results. Becoming worried about what is or is not politically correct will set up another conflict that will be bloodier than the first. In the 21st century a bloody war means a horrendous cost of human life.

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