Friday, January 26, 2007

Chinese Space Adventure More Than a Warning to Taiwan

Time Magazine speculates (Peter Ritter) that China’s shoot the satellite out of space test was a message to Taiwan; i.e. we are becoming a world power and your future resistance is futile.

Ritter also speculates the Chinese test may give ammunition to American neocons that wish to make the point that America needs to counter the Chinese military build up.

I hope Ritter is correct. My estimation is that China is a viable competitor to global American hegemony. The part I am not certain about is Chinese intentions.

Do the Chinese actually wish to be a global hegemon or just a regional hegemon? The importance of this question is the global economy. A Chinese/American clash could spiral the global economy into a depression, particularly in America. The utilization of friendly competition in markets could be a huge enrichment for both America and China.

Chinese silence gives the appearance of
the clash scenario.

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