Monday, January 29, 2007

Pastore: Why so few Christian Patriots?

Frank Pastore provides (unfortunately) short insights as to why America is a nation with Christian roots.

It is because of these roots that America has evolved into a land of Liberty, prosperity and wide freedoms not enjoyed by much of the world’s humanity.

Pastore does not touch on this, however there is a faint suggestion of it: our American culture is threatened by more than the violence of “
the religion of peace,” Mohammedanism threatens to eradicate that which makes America great. Secular Humanism undermines Christianity, however it does support concepts derived from Christianity: Liberty and Freedom equally to all humanity.

I am not nor will ever be a proponent of Secular Humanism but at least the political agenda of Secular Humanism does not set out to be thought police or reduce humanity to second class citizenship if one is not part of the radical ideology. That is what Mohammedanism does: it sets out to proclaim the superiority of its ideology and the inferiority of all other thought and beliefs. If Mohammedanism was the law of the land or the controlling ideology, life would be comparable to a regime of fear as in old NAZI Germany, the old Soviet Union, present day North Korea and Communist China.

In other words the State would tell you how to think and live regardless of your agreement or lack thereof. What the Left does not comprehend (yet) is Mohammedanism allowed to permeate Western Democracies will terminate those democracies with democratic tools naively provided to the totalitarian thinking of radical Mohammedanism.

So I am with Frank Pastore:
Why so few Christian Patriots?


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Christian patriots, have you by chance seen "Dangerous Radicals of the Religious Right" on Yahoo? It is a non-copyrighted article that should be read by everyone and reprinted on every patriotic American site! Marge

Theway2k said...


If you happen to visit this blog again, send me the link. I would be glad to read it.