Monday, January 15, 2007

More on Berger’s Scandalous Conspiracy

Sandy Berger: This is a man that worked as National Security Advisor to President Slick Willie Clinton. As National Security Advisor, Berger was obviously privy to Classified Documents and Classified knowledge undertaken under the direction of the Clinton Administration.

Sandy Berger at the request of and request of Slick Willie acquired post Clinton Administration access to Classified Documents at the National Archive. Berger
destroyed the Classified Documents he selected. This is act is heinous enough, however it happened on MORE than one occasion. Berger went FOUR times to the National Archives before he was caught destroying sensitive documents probably relating to Clinton information on words or actions taken that would not find favorable light.

This smacks of a HUGE conspiracy! Berger takes the fall. Slick Willie again escapes from a tarnished link to illegality. AND Senator Hillary Clinton thus gets a coat of Teflon in which no scum of impropriety sticks.

Here is the
Real Clear Politics analysis of Berger’s acts of treason.

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