Monday, January 29, 2007

Islamic Prejudice, Islamic Denial

Jillosophy Blog has brought up an excellent point about Mohammedanism in the West/America. The Mosques in America and Western Europe are doing little to offset the mentality of radical Mohammedanism. Indeed many Mosques in the West that publicly try to portray an image of a moderate Mohammedanism to the kafir (unbelievers) yet espouse Islamist preaching of radical Mohammedanism to their attendees.

The gutsy politically incorrect few make these public Western Mohammedan Rights organizations and Mosques whine about victimhood and Islamophobia. The public must be made aware that there is a Trojan enemy in their midst and it intends to virulently usurp Western Culture.

You must have an understanding as to how Mohammedanism could evolve into a threat to the concepts of Liberty, Freedom and equality of Justice:
READ The War Against Global Jihadism.

About a week ago Robert Spencer (of
Jihad Watch) wrote about this in

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