Friday, January 26, 2007

Can We Count on an Alignment with India?

There has been a lot of talk the last couple of weeks in the Western minded world concerning China since the January 11 (or so) test military action in space orbit around Earth. China’s secretive nature brings to the table once again who is aligned with whom in the geo-politics of planet Earth.

Capitalism marketers have drooled of the potential wealth that can be accrued in China. And of course the Chinese Communist Party would benefit from the taxes of placed on foreign marketers.

On the other hand China seems to be firmly in the Russia and Iran camp because of oil and weapons exchange markets. None of that bodes well for America that has to be concerned by the amount of the American national debt that China owns.

One Bush Administration solution seems to have been to cozy up to the Chinese traditional Southeast Asian enemy – India.

India is the world’s largest democracy. India’s infrastructure is laid with Western foundation due to former British Raj. The Bush Administration has logically concluded America and India have much in common: e.g. democracy, capitalism, a common Mohammedan enemy and so forth.

America has agreed to enhance India’s nuclear technology as part of the hand of friendship.

But wait! India and America have not seen things in common until very, very recently. India received arms from the former Soviet Union and is currently in an agreement with Russia to work together to build a next generation war aircraft.

Here is Barbara Crossette’s “
Think Again: India” from Foreign Policy.

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