Thursday, January 18, 2007


I received an email a few days ago from Chris expressing appreciation for the information on SlantRight.

Chris feels confident he can write to me and be accused of being a “kook.”

Kook is the label placed on those exposing the truth about Mohammedanism. The only kooks are those that buy into the victimhood that Mohammedans shout from the roof tops. All the while Mohammedan ideology preaches world submission to a vicious god called Allah according to a psychotic man known as Mohammed.

Here is the Email with the last name edited out:

I just tuned into your blog for the first time.

I typed the words "twelver", "mahdi", "equinox", and "2007" into google andyou were the 4th and 5th hits.

Grant Jeffrey mentioned something about this on his show, and I hadn't heardthat now Islamism were making the same mistake that some Christians havemade by date setting.

I think you are right on your reading of things. If a fake Jesus and theMahdi show up together and reign for 7 years? Yes, that does soundfamiliar.

I have heard Grant Jeffrey, Hal Lindsey and Perry Stone all remark at thecoincidence that a majority of Christians, Jews, and Muslims believe thepromised Messiah is coming.

I have told people that if I am wrong about my faith (Christianity) andwrong about Jesus' message, then the worst I could do for the world isperhaps be a better person and help others. If Ahmadinejad and his followers are wrong about their beliefs, they will have spread chaos across the world.

I am sure I can express this to you without sounding kooky....I believe thatthis hatred of the Jews of Amadinejad's is demonically inspired. If you look at how irrational his behavior has been, it is the only explanation (short of mental illness) that could explain it.

Chris B

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