Wednesday, January 31, 2007


(A warm up to Reading Ann Coulter’s Column)

This is one of Ann Coulter’s best columns. Fitzgerald is a tool of the Democratic Party to try and embarrass the Bush Administration in its handling of the war in Iraq. If there can be some court evidence discovered that Saddam Hussein had zero interest in nuke WMD, then the Democrats feel the have the ammunition to nuke Neocon and Christian Right influence and possibly the entire Republican Party.

Patrick Fitzgerald was given a Special Prosecutor’s mandate to hunt down the Neocon that must have released Valerie Plame’s name to the public as an employee for the CIA. As if Plame had any operations that could harm lives of CIA operatives in Africa. Here is the great mystery: Plame is to have sent her husband (an anti-Iraq invasion persona) to Niger to discover if Saddam Hussein was looking to buy Yellow Cake to make nukes. The Wilson adventure was so secret that he told everyone who his wife was and she sent him for the CIA.

Of Course it has been proven that anything related to what Wilson says on his Niger adventure has been proven a lie.

And yet since Plame’s name hit the Mainstream Media (MSM), someone had to fry for crossing the CIA. The data I have read is that the CIA has not gotten along with President Bush and very likely has fed the President corrupted or unusable intelligence. I am guessing that the CIA is trying to cover their butts by making a Presidential Administration they widely dislike to look bad.

I surmise this because both Plame and Wilson were hacks of nearly zero importance to the CIA or the Diplomatic Corps. Yes, they both worked their particular professions however they hardly handled life threatening or Security threatening port folios.

Fitzgerald has spent his millions of tax payer’s money on this Leftist hunt of Neocons and has NOT indicted one person for actually leaking to the MSM Plame’s name. This is the case even after every indication is that Richard Armitage initiated the LEAK.

Armitage is not a Neocon, he is just an Arab loving old school Republican that worked in the State Department (or was it Defense – who cares?).

So what is the result of Fitzgerald’s Independent Prosecutor’s investigation? It was to try to catch a Neocon in a lie and prosecute the Neocon for perjury. The Dems really want to nail Karl Rove, but they could not dig any dirt that could stick to him. Next was Vice-President Cheney’s Chief of Staff I. Scooter Libby.

The indictment on Libby was for obstruction of Justice by lying or in other words perjury. Fitzgerald’s case is the Special Prosecutor’s accusation versus Libby’s claim of an inexact memory. Memory lapses that are very plausible because of all the duties a Chief of Staff performs, recalling insignificant details are not filed in the human memory banks say like a sitting President having oral sex with a White House intern before remembering her name in an actual perjury case.

Hmm ...…

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