Sunday, January 28, 2007

Daniel Pipes Debates London Mayor Livingston

Do you know who Daniel Pipes is? Well you should! He is one of the preeminent anti-Jihadist exposés in the West, both of Mosques and Academia.

Recently Pipes was invited to a debate by London’s infamous Leftist pro-Mohammedan Mayor with Samuel Huntington’s book “The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order” as the theme of the debate.

Anti-CAIR alerted me via e-mail that this event went widely unreported by the Mainstream Media (MSM). This is remarkable since 5,000 people bought tickets and at least 150 press applications were processed to view the event.

Here is the reason the MSM has not reported on the event: Daniel Pipes and his Second in the debate SMASHINGLY cleaned up against Mayor Ken Livingston.



Dear Reader,

As you may know, Anti-CAIR uses material from leading personalities to illustrate the threat of radical Islam. To this end, we’ve used the material of Dr. Daniel Pipes on many occasions.

Dr. Pipes recently participated in a debate in London, Great Britain, at the invitation of London’s mayor, Ken Livingstone.

I invite you to read the following commentary about how Dr. Pipes & Co. did in the debate:

Then, ask yourself why you can’t read this in any of the mainstream press either in the U.K. or North America, despite the attendance of around 150 members of the media (by Dr. Pipe’s count).

Although this conference did not mention the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), it well illustrates the battle we face in North America to maintain our freedoms in the face of the radical Islamist threat posed by Islamic terrorist groups and those groups that support them.

London has already fallen to Islamist rule, the only thing yet to be settled is when does the Union Jack come down and the green flag of Islam go up?

We North Americans (I trust our Canadian brothers and sisters are still largely with us) need to more fully grasp the implications of this debate and read, very carefully, what the twin evils of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” have wrought to our British cousins.

The plague of radical Islam did not take Great Britain by force; it was not only allowed in, it was encouraged by indifference, false perceptions, and the unwillingness of England’s leaders to lead.

Two diametrically opposed cultural systems cannot peacefully co-exist in the same country, at the same time. It has never worked before in human history and there is no reason to believe it ever will.

Let us remain ever vigilant that it does not happen here.


Andrew Whitehead
Director, Anti-Council on American-Islamic Relations (ACAIR)
California, USA

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