Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Why Israelis are afraid — very afraid

Yossi Klein Halevi and Michael B. Oren writing for the Jewish World Review explain Israel’s existential fears. The threat of a nuclear arsenal by a Mohammedan nation in simplest form strategically removes almost all military superiority Israel has accrued over its short modern existence.

Israel is a haven for Jews to live in a freedom from political persecution for the first time since the Maccabees successfully resisted a Hellenic Syria (Seleucid dynasty established in the area after the death of Alexander the Great). The
Maccabees successfully retook Jerusalem and purified the Temple in 164 BC. This day is celebrated by Judaism as Hanukah (aka Chanukah).

If the West abandons Israel to face a nuclear armed Mohammedan world, Israel’s military conventional forces will be nearly neutralized. An Iranian nuclear of chemical launched missile will encourage Syria and Hezbollah (and possibly other Mohammedan nations) to launch a conventional military assault on a crippled Israel.

Another scenario is the Israeli realization that the West will conclude to NOT prevent a nuclear Iran. Knowing what the strategical stakes are, Israel launches preemptive air strikes on Iran in the hope of slowing down nuclear armament. If Iran has no nukes it is probable they have chemical weapons. Iran definitely has the missile power to reach Israel. Iran launches missile strikes on Israel followed closely by tactical invasions by Syria, Hezbollah of Lebanon and radical Islamofascist terrorists from the Palestine Authority (or Palestine Liberation Organization), including infamous Hamas.

Keep in mind that the Jewish Homeland is just a little sliver of land that the arrogant Mohammedans begrudge the Jews. Twenty-first century technology and Western appeasement might produce the globes SECOND Holocaust in the deaths of millions of Jews. Over what? A mere parcel of land that was insignificant until Jews turned the land into an agricultural paradise. Before the Jewish arrivals in pre-modern Israel, the land was a waste area that Mohammedan Arabs and Turks had zero interest in.

The Mohammedans cannot stand that the Jews making the Land prosperous again because of their superiority complex. The Jews return to their homeland and Mohammedan Arabs wish to claim the credit for Jewish innovation with propaganda epithets like, “The right of return.”

There were
hardly any Arabs in the sliver of Land known as Israel today, until Jewish prosperity provided jobs for Mohammedan Arabs (later created as Palestinian Arabs).

That is the brief scenario. Halevi and Oren go into greater detail of Israeli fears. (
READ IT. This link will take you to this introduction. Simply scroll down to the Halevi and Oren assessment.)

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