Friday, January 26, 2007

Bush OKs countering Iranians in Iraq

President Bush has authorized rules of engagement when Iranian agents (I guess that means military or civilian) to do whatever it takes to protect American soldiers in Iraq. I noticed when I read this that there was not a specific okay to cross the Iranian border to chase Iranian culprits. That begs the question: Will American forces or American assets cross the Iranian border due to the Presidential order?

I think that potential is there. The American Navy has been in a build up of Naval Carriers and other vessels the last few months. I hope the Military will begin to punish Iranian arrogance for interfering in Iraq.

According to the DEBKAfile America has the good on Iranian involvement in de-stabilizing the Iraqi government. This includes captured Iranians (among them 3rd ranking Revolutionary Guard), Computers and documents. Evidently interrogation pointed the way to find the poop on Iran.

One wonders how the Democratic Party will white wash this discovery with their cut-n-run ideology.


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