Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Plamegate will begin to hit the headlines again for a few weeks. Why? Because Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald has a jury trial against Scooter Libby involving the public release of information that Valerie Plame worked for the CIA.

So let us be clear about one thing: Fitzgerald has been on this Left Wing hunt to embarrass the Bush Administration and has NOT indicted one single person for the release of the information. Did you read that? FITZGERALD HAS NOT INDICTED ONE PERSON IN HIS ASSIGNMENT AS SPECIAL PROSECUTOR FOR THE ALLEGED CRIME OF OUTING VALERIE PLAME!

The only indictment Fitzgerald has been able to account for with tax payer money is that Scooter Libby lied to the FBI and a Grand Jury.

It is interesting that the man who did release the name is Richard Armitage. Armitage is an anti-war Republican and thus anti-Bush. And yet Fitzgerald is not prosecuting him for what his Special Prosecutor mandate is to accomplish. He is Prosecuting Libby for lying.

Scooter says he did not lie but had his memory of details was sketchy because there was more important issues the government was working on than an insignificant CIA employee that was not a top level handler who is the wife of a confirmed liar who blabbed about his wife working for the CIA more than the Press.

Libby’s lawyers have proved that one of Fitzgerald’s star witnesses is unreliable. Marc Grossman has admitted to telling two different stories about Libby to the FBI. Libby’s Lawyers also accused Grossman was coached on what to say by guess who? Richard Armitage, the actual Plame outer! Fitzgerald tried to object, the judge allowed the questioning.


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