Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Who Do You Trust?

I am an e-mail subscriber to the neocon think tank “American Enterprise Institute.” The statistics below is from a Harris Interactive Poll published on AEI.

Notice that the very top of the top ten are doctors. Americans inherently trust doctors with their lives. I have come to understand with overcoming long illnesses that this should not necessarily be the case. A doctor is only as good as he keeps up to date and as good as their diagnoses. The meaning being the best doctors is the most studious and the best guessers.

The AEI data gatherers noted the least trusted are journalists, members of Congress, pollsters and lawyers (they failed to print a percentage for lawyers).

Harris Interactive poll July 2006:

Q: Would you generally trust each of the following types of people to tell the truth, or not?

Doctors – 85%
Teachers – 83%
Scientists – 77%
Police Officers – 76%
Professors – 75%
Clergymen or Priests – 74%
Military Officers – 72%
Judges – 70%
Accountants – 68%
Ordinary man or woman – 66%
The above are the top 10.
The below is a few that rates toward the bottom bottom (it is interesting that Lawyers are mentioned as one of the lowest, but AEI did not cite the Lawyer percentage):
Journalists – 39%
Members of Congress – 35%
Pollsters – 34%

Source: AEI Political Report; Vol. 2 Issue 8; September 2006.

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