Saturday, August 26, 2006

Mohammedans Want Global Caliphate

Chris Mitchell from a news blog reports that Hezbollah has won the war with Israel merely because they did not lose. That is the perception of Mohammedans across the Middle East and not the Mohammedans of dar al-harb (where Mohammedans are the minority). The vaneer of invincibility has been damaged by Hezbollah holding off Israel. Obviously Israel did not lose, however they did not eliminate Hezbollah or damage its infrastructure either.

Chris Mitchell also reports that there is some psycho Mohammedans in the Gaza that apparently make Hamas look like pussy cats. This group is preparing to announce an establishment of a Caliphate. I have not heard of it publically as yet, however the big day was supposed to have been Aug. 25.

Obviously at this point the groups intentions are irrelavent on a global basis. Nonetheless the perceived Hezbollah victory has emboldened the memory of Mohammed's past of murderous conquest. The purpose of this Caliphate is not confined to Gaza. Nor is it confined to a so-called Palestine. Rather the agenda is global. It is a stated goal of eliminating the kafir (unbelievers) and dominate the world.

The 21st Century Crusades are imminent.

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